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Nature photographs

Permanent galleries

Notice that all galleries can be viewed in full screen by right clicking and choosing "Enter Full Screen".

Butterflies of Scandinavia

The purpose of this gallery is to provide a systematic overview of the Scandinavian butterflies. I've sorted the photos in folders representing the systematic family and then by the individual species. All names are written in latin, but if you want informations about the english names these can be found at my personal list of butterfly observations. The list shows furthermore which species is represented in the gallery. The gallery mainly contains photographs of adult butterflies.

Insects and spiders

Here you can find photographs of animals contain these two big groups. My focus is primarily dragonflies, grasshoppers and longhorn beetles. The grups have english names, but only the latin names of the species are showed.


I'm still new in photographing birds and for that reason I'm quite self-critical. Hence the gallery only contains a small amount of photograhs. I'll look forward to add lots of new photgraphs when I get used to the equipment.

African Wildlife

I've only visited this beautiful continent once. Hence I don't have much material to share in this gallery. The photographs show a small part of the wildlife present at the African savannah. Right now all photographs is from my trip to Kenya in 2008.

Photographic essays

Northern Lapwing in the morning