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Summer 2012: Huge changes in homepage structure

This summer I've made serious changes to the homepage. Two new sections about portraits and equipment reviews are added. During the summer holiday I've visited Nepal and got some quite good portraits with my new Nikon 50mm f/1.2. Furthermore the homepage is translated to danish to expand the usability of the homepage.

5-6-2012: Updated gallery and new article

First of all I've updated the design of nature and added a bird gallery with danish names. Furthermore a photo essay about my trip to West Jutland can be found under nature.

7-4-2012: Butterfly Observations and Swedish Cranes

I've finally completed my butterfly observation list. It took quite a lot of time. Much more than I initially expected, but the easter holiday I had the opportunity to finish it. I were in Sweden and got new images of birds. Furthermore we went to Hornborga to watch 21.000 cranes in rain and 3 degree celsius.

21-3-2012: Photo trips on Zealand

In the last three weeks I've not been out in the wilderness as much as I expected. Nevertheless I've been in Raadvad three times to look for the rare pigmy owl, but unfortunately I didn't find it. I drove to Hundested as well, but it was gone. Hopefully I'll take some good photos this weekend. I'am heading for Køge and Præstø so with some luck I'll probably be able to get close to some waders.

4-3-2012: New camera gear

I've just got my new Nikon D3s and a Nikon 400mm f/2.8 VR. Look forward to photograph birds and mammals this year. Furthermore I've bought a Nikon TC-14 to get a 560mm f/3.92 and a Sigma TC-2x to get closer when shooting macro with the Sigma 180mm.

17-2-2012: Welcome to the New Homepage

The homepage is online. On this page all noticable news will be announced. The galleries and articles will be updated on a regular basis.