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Nepali pictures

When you visit a country with such alien culture and traditions it's impossible to understand the country in depth on an elleven days charter holiday accompanied with 20 ardent tourists. In spite of these difficulties it has been my goal to get an understanding of the nepali people in the framework allowed on the trip. During our visits to hinduistic shrines and beautifully located hotels, I've moved away from the group and tried to get in touch with the local population. First of all that's allowed me to experience some aspects of the nepali habits, but it was furthermore interesting to observe how the individual person reacted when I met them. I've experienced the obligingness of the nepali people which most evidently appears in the confidence by which the nepali people allowed me to take portraits. In the Western world people smiles to the camera - like in a play, so to speak. But I photographed people whom did not think of Facebook. Instead they simply wished to see themselves portrayed. The galleries at the foot of the page contains photos from my travel to Nepal 2012. Especially the gallery "Children of Nepal" concretize by which natural expressions the nepali people let themselves portray.

All photographs are taken with the permission from the portrayed and their knowledge about the making of the photograph. Besides for a few exceptions I've not given payment for the portraits. I've consistently showed the preview of the photograph to the portrayed. For that reason it's my hope that the photographs have been to joy for the portrayed, as well as it has been my pleasure to take the portraits.

Finally it's my wish that the galleries will result in a growing interest for Nepal; a country with diversity within nature, religion and ethnicity. For me Nepal has established a desire to explore this wonderful and exciting part of the world.

Children of Nepal

Nepali atmospheres

Nepali faces